Friday, September 19, 2008

Behind Door Number 1......

Time to unveil the Kaleidoscope Kids at First thing that pops into my head when I think "unveil" is the 70s game show "Lets Make A Deal"...behind door number 1, 2 or 3??? So, are you ready to start playing?

Kaleidoscope Kids evolved while at a visit to the local craft store with my mom and my 4yo daughter, Renee. We came across these little wooden doll face beads...honestly a lightbulb went off in my head. Locally women are carrying these keychains with painted wooden beads on grossgrain ribbon and paying a good chunk of cash, if I do say so myself;). I thought instantly, wouldn't a personalized doll be cute? So, we bought up a pkg and headed home.

Two days later Renee and I were sitting at the table crafting...she likes to string beads when Im doing my jewelry. She asked to use the wooden doll beads so, we got them out. I couldn't resist playing with one too. I started beading and doing what I had in my mind. I looked over at what she had made...she had taken a plastic heart button and then a doll face bead and then stacked beads on top of that...the little doll face on top of the heart struck me as a lil person with feet...tada!! There it began! Kaleidoscope Kids!!
Id like to introduce you to...
Lizzie...First creation…named for Renee Elizabeth(my daughter of course!)…ballerina, sweet, eats her green beans but, loves chocolate!!

Klyde...Kaleidoscope Korners’ Mascot…loves orange and bright colors, enjoys encouraging others creativity, loves thrift stores and garage sales!

Emily...Sweet as cotton candy, cant help but love pink and anything that has pink in it, dreams of cotton candy clouds.

Joy...As in Pride & Joy…carries her rainbow colors with pride and supports love & acceptance to everyone!

Patrick...Born and raised in Imogene, IA…knows what a Blarney Bowl is and loves hunting for 4 leaf clovers.

These wonderful little guys and dolls will be available in minutes at my shop.
**Special Unveiling Sale**
Get two Kids for $10!!!
Stock up now for Christmas and gifts;).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look outside the building...His Love is everywhere!

Ok, I felt I needed to put this out there...the reason for my new shop...Heavenly Baubles. Im a faithful, spiritual, free spirited person...Im not one for conformity or constriction. Please dont get me wrong, I love the church and the fellowship but, I feel that so many times we get routine, comfortable and forget that His Love is seriously all around us. There are constant reminders of His Love for us. The peacefulness that flows through my children as they lie there sleeping. The sweet innocents found in a toddlers' tears because the butterfly flew away. Do you have time to stop and smell the roses? Dont you think you owe it to yourself and Him to stop and appreciate it? I want to spread that truth, that beauty in my creations...I want people to wear my creations and on a really bad day at the office or stuck in traffic, I want them to look at their wrist...catch a glimpse of what was sacrificed for them and remember His Love for them. I want people to remember they are loved, every second of every day. Im not your typical "Christian", I tell bad jokes and I scream and curse...I tell it like it is and this is who I am...I am still His child and I have dream is for you to realize that you are special just the way you are!

Work, Work, Work...pays off!!

Ive been busting my tail the last 48hours in order to get ready for the unveiling of the Kaleidoscope Kids on Friday in my current shop...

Then Ive got a Grand Opening of Heavenly Baubles too!! I finally get to show off my Christian inspired baubles and gifts!

Ive listed new items in KK...please come by and check them out...will be adding more in the morning(lots more bags!!)

Also, I just received a notice that I was chosen by a previous customer ( for a wonderful new BNR Promotional Treasury...Please stop by and check these new shops out!!

Ok, Im seriously headed to bed...Ive sewn over 7 different styles of bags, made over 15 pieces of new jewelry and Im very tired!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I just cant do it Captain!

I made it to 4:24pm without a green liquid fix and as I passed the wonderful filled cooler full of those lucious green bottles...I just couldn't stop myself from grabbing hold of one! MMMMmmm I just can't tell you what that first sip of the day was like. It was almost as if I could feel the energy flow through my entire body and I almost skipped down the aisle! If anyone was near they would have been reminded of those "Herbal Essence" commercials where the utter joy of goodness is carried out verbally;). I should have been embarrassed but, instead I was in pure bliss and on an extreme high. I sped through the grocery store and did my shopping in record time!! So, yes Im a quitter and Im seriously ok with that. My laundry got finished, dinner was made, I finished up some baubles Id been working on...things got done! I will strive to keep my daily intake under a six pack but, thats all I can do at this time, that's all I want to do at this time;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

A day without the Dew...

First blog, first day without my lovely MtDew. Mmmmm how I adore that green can containing my energy liquid. With three children and opening up a new shop ( (forgive my shameless plug)), I have become dependant upon this flowing river of energy. There have been days when I know Ive emptied over a six pack all by myself. As gas prices rise and the economy drastically drops, I realize that my addiction is costing me more than I can afford. So, today is the day! Coffee cup within three inches of my left hand as I type...I will give up the can but, I can not give up the caffeine. It has me think that nicotine(apparently harder to kick than heroine) was easier for me than this! What is in this green can? I can only hope that this will fatten my coin purse and my thighs will dwindle away and this alone will be enough to keep me away from that beautiful shiny green can. My body is telling me to slow down, not to divulge too much info but, Ive had enough UTIs to prove to myself that whatever is in the green can is not good for my system. So, it begins today...I can only hope that my Hyde personality is calm and hidden during this process. I raise my mug to say "Here's to the day without Dew! May God be with me now."