Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look outside the building...His Love is everywhere!

Ok, I felt I needed to put this out there...the reason for my new shop...Heavenly Baubles. Im a faithful, spiritual, free spirited person...Im not one for conformity or constriction. Please dont get me wrong, I love the church and the fellowship but, I feel that so many times we get routine, comfortable and forget that His Love is seriously all around us. There are constant reminders of His Love for us. The peacefulness that flows through my children as they lie there sleeping. The sweet innocents found in a toddlers' tears because the butterfly flew away. Do you have time to stop and smell the roses? Dont you think you owe it to yourself and Him to stop and appreciate it? I want to spread that truth, that beauty in my creations...I want people to wear my creations and on a really bad day at the office or stuck in traffic, I want them to look at their wrist...catch a glimpse of what was sacrificed for them and remember His Love for them. I want people to remember they are loved, every second of every day. Im not your typical "Christian", I tell bad jokes and I scream and curse...I tell it like it is and this is who I am...I am still His child and I have dream is for you to realize that you are special just the way you are!


UniqueNurseGranny said...

Wonderful thoughts.

Mannie Vincent said...

I can't wait for the opening! I can't even imagine the great feedback you're gunna get!